The Enchanted Buffalo

A Prairie Tale

A young buffalo takes on the treacherous leader of the herd
The Enchanted Buffalo


$14.95, Hardback
ISBN: 9780982274934

The fifth South Dakota Historical Society Press Prairie Tale

Montileaux's illustrations are the "crowning gems of The Enchanted Buffalo. Simply put, they're stunning. [His] palette is gorgeous, and he imbues what are essentially two-dimensional line drawings of buffalo with an incredible amount of dynamism."—LibraryThing

"Oglala Lakota artist Donald F. Montileaux has illustrated this wonderful tale with colorful artwork that in conjunction with the story will keep the children sharing this book with you turning pages."—Roundup Magazine

"A morality tale, The Enchanted Buffalo is a children's story book whose time has returned, presented afresh with new hints of glory and imagination."—Midwest Book Review

Deep in the Great Plains of South Dakota, a tribe of mighty buffaloes finds themselves without a leader. A tricky bull named Barrag takes control of the group until the brave young Oknu challenges the new leader. But he does not know that Barrag has special powers. Barrag tricks Oknu with the help of magic, but a surprise is in store for the nasty Barrag.

Good and evil, treachery and bravery, pride and wisdom all feature in L. Frank Baum's fairy tale set during the heyday of the buffalo on the Great Plains. Baum wrote the story in 1905 and uses his fable to show the dangers of greed, dirty tricks, and broken promises.