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Don't Miss Wilder

by Jennifer McIntyre published 2021/10/25 10:12:00 GMT-5
Don't Miss Wilder

We have been fielding many questions about how Pioneer Girl: The Revised Texts differs from the original annotated autobiography, which was released in 2014 and became yet another best seller for the famous children’s author.

Well, there are quite a few differences! The most significant is that Revised Texts takes the study of Laura Ingalls Wilder even further by examining the three final drafts of Pioneer Girl. Our book follows these documents as they were revised by Wilder and her daughter/editor Rose Wilder Lane. These are never before published drafts, written by Wilder and worked on by Lane.

There are limited annotations that look at the history of Wilder’s life, but most importantly, Pioneer Girl: The Revised Texts is an examination of the working relationship between Wilder and Lane, diving into the efforts made by each woman as Pioneer Girl was transformed from a nonfiction memoir for an adult audience into beloved children’s classics based on Wilder’s experiences.

Nov2021_history&heritagebookclub_1200x675.jpgNeed more?

Don’t miss out on these interviews, writings, and events with editor and annotator Nancy Tystad Koupal:

History 605 with SD State Historian Dr. Benjamin Jones (Season 1, Episode 10): “Pioneer Girl Project”

South Dakota Humanities Council’s Brainstorming: The Human Connection Weekly with Lawrence Diggs: “Pioneer Girl, Laura Ingalls Wilder”

South Dakota Public Broadcasting’s In the Moment with host Laurie Walsh: ”Pioneer Girl: The Revised Texts

Pioneer Girl Project website: pioneergirlproject.org

Purchase Pioneer Girl: The Revised Texts online at sdhspress.com.

Finally, we leave you with words from renowned Wilder scholar, William Anderson:

Pioneer Girl: The Revised Texts makes fresh observations that are sure to jump-start new debate and discussions centered on the writer-editor relationship between Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder Lane. The annotations provide great documentary background and reveal the behind the scenes work that led to the now classic Little House series.”

We hope you enjoy,

Jennifer McIntyre,
on behalf of the entire SDHS Press staff