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Introducing Mike Burns, New Associate Editor

by Jennifer McIntyre published 2018/10/29 08:06:00 GMT-5
Introducing Mike Burns, New Associate Editor

Hello, everyone! My name is Mike Burns, and I am one of the new guys here with the Press. My first experience with Pierre and South Dakota, more generally, came when I arrived for my in-person interview in July. It got me hooked on the idea of living along the Missouri River and exploring everything Pierre and the state has to offer. As associate editor, my job is to work primarily with South Dakota History, the State Historical Society’s quarterly journal. I am editing manuscripts, assisting with book reviews, and am starting to be involved with our book publications.

A myriad of experiences outside the Great Plains has prepared me for work with the Press. Most recently, I graduated with a Ph.D. in history from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth; I also have a master’s in history from the University of New Mexico and a bachelor’s in history from Grand Valley State University in Michigan. I worked for the National Park Service at Manassas National Battlefield in Virginia and edited video interviews of men and women involved in the Civil Rights Movement from the 1950s through today in Texas. My most valuable experience comes from a position as assistant editor with the New Mexico Historical Review, New Mexico’s historical journal, where I copyedited article manuscripts and an occasional book review.

Having grown up in Illinois, I am excited to get back to a state with four seasons after dealing with the sweltering heat of Texas. I look forward to more adventures and experiences in my new home.