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A South Dakota Rendezvous

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Races

A South Dakota Rendezvous


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ISBN: 9780985281700


A South Dakota Rendezvous is the first in a series of eBook shorts torn from the pages of South Dakota History, the quarterly journal of the South Dakota Historical Society.

Written in 1999 by historian Carlton L. Bonilla A South Dakota Rendezvous won the prestigious Spur Award, which spotlights the best literature and research of the American West.

Bonilla examines the annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, through the lens of historical gatherings among fur traders in the early nineteenth century. He found a number of startling similarities between the two events, including such disparate themes as sex and religion. Charting the growth of the Sturgis Bike Rally, the author points to the idea that this modern phenomenon and its earlier predecessor, in the shape of the trading rendezvous, share the common theme of creating tales for future generations to share.

As Sturgis continues to capture the imagination, Bonilla's work offers an intriguing perspective on this bastion of the Wild West.

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