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The Discontented Gopher

A Prairie Tale

The Discontented Gopher


$9.95, Hardback
ISBN: 0974919594

The first South Dakota Historical Society Press Prairie Tale

Gold Medal Award, Children's Chapter Books, Age 5-8, Mom's Choice Awards

Bronze Medal, Juvenile Fiction, Early Readers, Moonbeam Children's Book Awards

"A Wonderful American fairy tale. . . . Digby Conahan's delightful illustrations lend visual appeal to Baum's vivid story."—Rapid City Journal

"The supremely talented artist Carolyn Digby Conahan's . . . illustrations are vivid and colorful."—Mom's Choice Awards, Entro Magazine

"Amongst the most charming illustrations in the book, created by artist Carolyn Digby Conahan, is the young hero—fat and lethargic in his herringbone coat and vest—lounging in front of the fireplace in his easy chair made of corn cobs, surrounded by kernels of corn and family photos."—North Dakota History

When Zikky the Gopher wins the golden ball, he faces a tough decision—riches or happiness? Zikky follows his choice and enjoys his new life for a short while, but soon he finds himself in trouble. Did the little gopher make the wisest decision, or will it be the end of him? 

L. Frank Baum's Discontented Gopher is a true American fairy tale. Danger lurks around every corner, and wisdom is hard-earned in this classic fable.

More Praise:

"Conahan's work transforms Baum's hundred-year-old magazine story into a fine modern picture-storybook, adding new dimensions and appeal."—J. L. Bell, OzandEnds.com

“Skillfully illustrated by Cricket magazine staff artist Carolyn Digby Conahan”—Midwest Book Review

"Carolyn Digby Conahan's updated illustrations are warm and endearing."—The Baum Bugle

"Carolyn gives The Discontented Gopher a refreshingly updated look while remaining true to Baum's original style."—Mom's Choice Awards, Entro Magazine

"A knowledgeable introduction . . . and delightful illustrations"—The Baum Bugle

"Superb illustrations update classic children's tale."—Mom's Choice Awards, Entro Magazine

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