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Gold, Gals, Guns, Guts

A History of Deadwood, Lead, and Spearfish, 1874-1976

Gold, Gals, Guns, Guts

“A coffee-table-size paperback, extensively illustrated with photographs, with excerpts from local newspapers in the margins, Gold, Gals, Guns, Guts is informative, entertaining, and an all-round good read.”—Roundup Magazine

Beginning with the gold rush of 1876, the northern Black Hills became home to an assortment of prospectors, entrepreneurs, gamblers, and criminals. Gold brought them to the area. Gals, many of them prostitutes, followed the miners. Guns often ruled in the rough-and-tumble communities where it took guts to succeed.

Through the photographs, newspaper accounts, and a lively text, Gold, Gals, Guns, Guts traces the history of the Black Hills communities of Deadwood, Lead, and Spearfish from the time of the Custer Expedition in 1874 to the United States Bicentennial in 1976.

Bob Lee brings the book up-to-date with a new introduction detailing the changes in the area since the book was first published, including the return of gambling to Deadwood.


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