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The Mystery of the Maize

The Mystery of the Maize


$13.95, Hardback
ISBN: 9780982274910

The third book in the South Dakota Historical Society Press Mystery Series

“A delightful book”—Journal of the West

Max and Hannah love maize; they eat corn on the cob in the summer and like to make popcorn, too. But, they have a lot to learn about maize and all its mysteries. The twins’ grandfather has a great story to tell them and more interesting places to visit. On their adventures, Hannah discovers a link to Heron and Muskrat, a pair of twins from the ancient maize-growing people who lived in South Dakota. What does she find, and what do the modern-day twins learn about the brother and sister from thousands of years ago?

The Mystery of the Maize shows the development of maize as it links the past to the present. Max and Hannah find out that maize can be used in many ways, and they discover that things have changed a lot since people first planted the crop thousands of years ago.

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