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North of Twelfth Street

The Changing Face of Sioux Falls Neighborhoods

North of Twelfth Street


$14.99, Hardback
ISBN: 9780984650514

"North of Twelfth Street is an excellent choice for coffee table book collections, not to be missed."—Midwest Book Review

"A photographic celebration of a town dearly loved by the author/photographer, and for good reason. Sioux Falls, South Dakota has a great deal of character, well-illustrated through photographs not only of historic buildings and bucolic parks, but also represented by the character and diversity of her residents living in and around these historic places. . . . This book reminded me of all the reasons I want to return [to Sioux Falls]."—Jill E. Dolberg, Nebraska State Historical Society

"As both a photographer and history buff, I take special interest in photographs of Sioux Falls since they bridge both of these passions very nicely. I applaud Tom Dempster for this richly detailed and meticulously researched book. It is a volume that I will be referencing in my own photographic research in this great city."—Greg Latza, photographer

"As I travel the country, I have learned that most well-seasoned cities have their own poet to tell their narrative and their own artist to capture its beauty. Tom Dempster tells the narrative of the North End with the pen of a journalist and captures the beauty with his camera and artist’s eye."—The Right Reverend Monsignor James M. Doyle

Untitled-1.jpgSioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota, although it would barely register as a small town in some states. But it is blessed with a rich history and distinct and unique neighborhoods, the soul of any urban setting. 

Born and raised in Sioux Falls, author, photographer, and former state senator Tom Dempster knows the neighborhoods that form the basis of this book as well as anyone. His eye for a beautiful photograph is enhanced by his intimate awareness of the people, buildings, and vibe that make a neighborhood what it is.

North of Twelfth Street focuses on three historic districts, as well as a collection of other north Sioux Falls sites. The Downtown Historic District, the Old Courthouse and Warehouse District, and the Cathedral Historic District contain some of the city’s best-known and most-revered buildings, and many different people call those areas home. Framing these districts with the lens of his camera, Dempster provides a window into this grand old city, its iconic edifices, and the people who live there.

In a historical overview, retired Augustana College history professor Gary Olson provides context for Dempster’s stunning photography, offering insight into the immigration that has created Sioux Falls and its architecture. His essay exposes the historical foundations upon which the city was built. 

Click here, to listen to Tom Dempster's inverview with South Dakota Public Broadcasting's show "Here and Now." 


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