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Seth Bullock

Black Hills Lawman

Seth Bullock


$14.95, Paperback
ISBN: 9780979894053
$9.95, ePub EBook
ISBN: 9780984650552
$9.95, Mobi EBook
ISBN: 9780984650552

The third South Dakota Biography Series book

Also available in eBook 

"Without hesitation, I would recommend this book be on the bookshelf of anyone interested not only in South Dakota's history, but the history of the Wild West."—Wild West History Association Journal

"Full of interesting information and nitty-gritty details."—Goodreads 

"This is an excellent addition to any Western history collection, whether personal or library. It's a quick introduction to a variety of aspects of Bullock's, and South Dakotan, development."—Amazon reviewer

Much of Seth Bullock’s modern renown comes from television, motion pictures, and his friendship with President Theodore Roosevelt. But Bullock was much more than the frontier law enforcer portrayed in fictional accounts. In Seth Bullock: Black Hills Lawman, David Wolff examines the life work of Bullock as he helped build Deadwood, found the town of Belle Fourche, and promote the Black Hills.

Wolff explores the many ventures that Bullock delved into once he moved from Montana to the Black Hills at the start of the gold rush in 1876. He points out that Bullock quickly became an integral part of the burgeoning community, attempting to create a lasting legacy for himself by working within local and regional politics, through his various businesses, and in his many positions at the forefront of Black Hills law enforcement and forest management.

Bullock’s life epitomized that of many entrepreneurs and pioneers across the nation, and Wolff describes the struggles and successes that this thinker and dreamer experienced in his forty-three years in the Black Hills.

Seth Bullock: Black Hills Lawman is the third book in the South Dakota Biography Series, which highlights some of the state’s most famous residents.

More Praise:

"Sometimes truth is more interesting than fiction. Seth Bullock: Black Hills Lawman tells the story of the man who has become known in modern society for being portrayed in television, movies, and American folklore alongside famed president, Teddy Roosevelt. He was a successful lawman, and he was a vital figure in South Dakota history. Seth Bullock is of interest to anyone seeking the man behind the legend."—Midwest Book Review

"A fascinating and readable biography. Having only come across Seth Bullock in the Deadwood TV series I found that this book brought to life the real person behind the legend."—LibraryThing 

"This third volume in the South Dakota Biography Series, put out by that state's historical society, recounts the life of Seth Bullock, who 'served as sheriff, started a hardware store, developed a ranch, acted as town promoter, ran a mining company, volunteered for the Spanish-American War, supervised a national forest, and befriended a president,' all along developing a reputation that makes him still one of the best remembered early residents of the rough and tumble Deadwood. Author David Wolff concludes that there were others who 'probably contributed more to Deadwood's long-term viability than Bullock did. But Bullock did more for the Black Hills in general than any other person.'"—Kansas History 

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