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The Sioux in South Dakota History

A Twentieth-Century Reader

The Sioux in South Dakota History


$22.95, Paperback
ISBN: 9780977795543

Indie Excellence Awards Finalist, Anthologies Category, 2008

Bronze Medal, Anthologies, IPPY Awards, Independent Publisher, 2008

"These articles taken from the South Dakota State Historical Society on the Sioux, or Lakota, make a series of major contributions toward understanding some of the lesser known developments over the twentieth century."—Wicazo-Sa

These thirteen essays, taken from the pages of South Dakota History, the quarterly journal of the South Dakota State Historical Society, explore modern American Indian political and cultural life. In five themed sections, contributors examine the tremendous changes the Sioux experienced during the twentieth century. The political and social ramifications of land heirship, the damming of the Missouri River, and shifting federal policies are among topics discussed. Health care, recreation, and education are viewed through the windows of a psychiatric facility, reservation rodeos, and the experiences of a day-school teacher. The tumultuous build-up to the violence at Wounded Knee in 1973 is covered as well, along with issues surrounding land allotment and efforts to eradicate tuberculosis. Editor Richmond L. Clow contributes an introduction and afterword providing context for the essays and suggesting avenues for further study.

Harry H. Anderson
Roger Bromert
Richmond L. Clow
Joshua Garrett-Davis
Frederick E. Hoxie
Michael L. Lawson
Allison Fuss Mellis
Akim D. Reinhardt
Scott Riney
Steven C. Schulte
Don Southerton
Laura Woodworth-Ney

"Overall, the edited volume contributes considerable new information and some new perspectives to twentieth-century struggles of the Lakota and Dakota Sioux of South Dakota."—Wicazo-Sa


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