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Umpire in a Skirt

The Amanda Clement Story

Umpire in a Skirt


$9.95, Paperback
ISBN: 9780984504121


"Marilyn Kratz and Hector Curriel hit a grand slam telling the story of Amanda Clement. Amanda is an inspirational part of South Dakota's history, and children everywhere can learn from her determination, passion, and perserverance in pursuing her dream of being a baseball umpire."—Mel Antonen, Sirius-XM Radio baseball analyst and former USA Today baseball correspondent

"Umpire in a Skirt is a fine read that will entertain many a young sports fan. Highly recommended."—Midwest Book Review

"It’s rare to find short children’s books that contain this combination of historical substance and stereotype-busting gender depictions."—Local F/M Books blog

Just over one hundred years ago, women did not play baseball, and they certainly did not umpire the games. But one young woman in South Dakota changed all that in the summer of 1904. Quickly becoming a national sensation for her umpiring, she even met a president. 

That summer Amanda Clement became the first paid female umpire in the United States. She might have worn a skirt, but players respected her, and fans paid to see her call games. She umpired fairly, never backed down from rude players, and helped to show that girls can do anything that boys can do. This is her story.


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