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Act of Excellence Ceremony

Many people learned about the South Dakota Historical Society Press in 2014 with the publication of the Laura Ingalls Wilder story “Pioneer Girl,’’ but the press had been working to preserve and promote the state’s history and heritage for nearly two decades before that landmark moment. Established in 1997, the South Dakota Historical Society Press has a mission to publish books that educate people on the rich history of South Dakota and the surrounding region. The Press is part of the South Dakota State Historical Society. For 20 years now, the Press has been encouraging authors whose work touches on the culture and heritage of the state and has been producing books that give readers new insights into the people and the places in South Dakota. Under the leadership of Nancy Tystad Koupal (a South Dakota Hall of Fame inductee in the Class of 2009), the Press has maintained the highest standards of scholarship and has gained a reputation for publishing well-researched, well-documented and highly readable books. The Press pledges to “build on its reputation as it reached into the future. Through the cultivation of new authors, the Press will continue to fulfill the needs of its readers, publishing books that complement the existing catalog.’’ In May of 2017, the Press released “Pioneer Girl Perspectives: Exploring Laura Ingalls Wilder.’’


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