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CALL FOR PROPOSALS | "The Plains Political Tradition, Vol. 4"



Writers in the fields of history, political science, geography, literature, anthropology, and related areas of inquiry are invited to submit chapter proposals for The Plains Political Tradition: Essays in South Dakota Political Culture, Volume 4, published by the South Dakota Historical Society Press.

Proposals must provide a description of the focus of the chapter, including sources, and the overall contributions the chapter will make to the understanding of South Dakota political culture. Chapters on political actors, parties, pressure groups, organizations, legislation, outcomes, events, campaigns, the media, political socialization, ideas, rhetoric, social-economic-cultural transitions, and other elements of politics that help explain South Dakota’s political culture are invited. Comparative studies which place South Dakota within the broader purview of other states, the region, or the nation will be especially welcome, as will synthetic studies that place the material in the broadest possible context of place and time. Special attention should be paid to how the subject being discussed reflects or contributes to a deeper understanding of the political culture of South Dakota.

The selected chapters must be formatted to the Chicago Manual of Style, documented with end notes, and be appealing to both popular and scholarly audiences. Graphs, tables, charts, and photographic suggestions should also be included with the essay. 

For additional direction, prospective authors are encouraged to review the chapters in the previous three volumes of The Plains Political Tradition series, published in 2011, 2014, and 2018 by South Dakota Historical Society Press. The editors for volume four will be Jon K. Lauck, John E. Miller, and Paula M. Nelson.

Proposals for chapters are due on January 1, 2020, and they should be submitted by electronic mail to Paula Nelson, nelsonp1951@yahoo.com. If a proposal is accepted, the final chapter will be due November 1, 2020.

Final chapters should range from 6,000 to 8,000 words (not counting notes), be double-spaced, and be submitted as a word document in 12 pt Bookman Old Style font. See the South Dakota Historical Society Press Submission Requirements for additional information.

Authors who are selected for inclusion in the new volume will be invited to participate in a book release conference to be held in conjunction with the University of South Dakota, which is partnering with the South Dakota Historical Society Press as a sponsor of volume 4 of The Plains Political Tradition.