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2019 South Dakota One Book, Young Readers

by Jennifer McIntyre published 2019/09/10 08:20:27 GMT-5
2019 South Dakota One Book, Young Readers


Three Renowned,
Books in One

 "Being of mixed cultures, both of which are rich in storytelling, I hope that people will first look at this book as fun to read; secondly, I hope it makes them stop and appreciate the story that is unfolding. The use of English and Lakota language can entice them to research the stories more—to find out more facts that cast a light on other cultures that have a rich and wonderful background."—Donald F. Montileaux

With Tatanka and Other Legends of the Lakota People, the Humanities Council is expanding its efforts, providing copies of the book to thousands of students across the state, including pupils from the nine Indian reservations.

All three titles, TatankaTasunka, and Muskrat and Skunk, Sinkpe na Maka, can be purchased separately from the South Dakota Historical Society Press.